Your water comes from groundwater sources that are located off Francis Street, Knollwood Drive, Draper Road, and Chickering Drive. Colonial Water Company owns or controls the land around these sources and restricts any activity that could contaminate them. As the water comes from the wells at all the sources, and before it reaches you, the customer, we treat it for low pH to reduce blue/green staining and the corrosion of pipes and fixtures. We also chlorinate the water at the Draper Road pumping station and Picardy station. Colonial Water Company does not add fluoride to the water supply.

Here is the Dover Division's Current Annual Water Quality Report

Here is the Springdale Division's Current Annual Water Quality Report

Source Water Assessment and Protection


This program is established under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, requires every state to: inventory land uses within the recharge areas of all public water supply sources; assess the susceptibility of drinking water sources to contamination from these land uses; and publicize the results to provide support for improved protection.

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Cross Connection- Questions and Answers

For information on backflow prevention products and the protection of safe drinking water please click here.


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