After almost fifty years of providing clean, safe, reliable drinking water to so many Town residents in that span of time, the Fryer family sold Dover Water Company in December of 2010. This was not an easy choice for them since their parents constructed Dover Water Company with much hard work and personal dedication. The acquirer of the water system was Colonial Water Co. (CWC), a subsidiary of New England Service Company (NESC), which has devoted all its technical skills and management capabilities to ensure a continuation of the quality service provided over the past several decades.

CWC has recently made water system infrastructure improvements to the Francis Street wellfield site with regards to the production well, piping and electrical controls. Currently, CWC is working on infrastructure improvements at the Knollwood Drive pump and treatment station.  Later in 2018, CWC will implement a new SCADA system.  This system will give CWC personnel enhanced data and operational capabilities.

On 6/28/18, CWC acquired the assets of the Springdale Farms Water Supply Trust (SFWST).  Located in Dover, the SFWST consists of 41 customers served by an independent water distribution system.  CWC personnel previously performed the daily operations of the SFWST system for the two years prior leading up to the acquisition.

On 6/28/18, CWC also acquired the assets of the Plymouth Water Company (PWC).  Located in Plymouth, the Plymouth Division consists of 832 customers and has two ground water sources in which the water comes from.  The first water source is located at the eastern side of the development between Kim Circle and Lynn Circle.  The second water source is located at the northern end of the development of Lunn’s Way.

For the convenience of our customers, Colonial Water Company offers online credit card and bill payment options along with paperless billing and an auto-pay feature.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (508)785-0052. You can also read our Payment FAQ here. We look forward to continuing a positive relationship.

Very truly yours,

Nicholas LaChance, President
Colonial Water Co.



Our Staff

David Candeias

joined our Company in 2013, and had previously been working for C&C Water Services in New Hampshire, along with 14 years of experience with Laconia Water Works. He also holds Massachusetts Grade 3 licenses.


Travis A. Helming

Operations Supervisor of NESC. Mr. Helming holds a BS in Natural Resource Management from UCONN. He has been employed by NESC since 2006. He holds a Class III CT Water Treatment & Distribution license, a CT Backflow Preventor/Cross Connection license, a MA Class II Water Treatment & Distribution license and a MA Backflow Preventor Tester license.

Jacob Kowal

joined our Company in 2018. He has a degree in Enviornmental Science and is currently working towards his Massachusetts Grade 1 License.